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  • Maka Maka Maka

    No but can you imagine Spirit just hanging up dozens of pictures of Maka in his house (of course in all of them she is either 2 years old or looking extremely pissed at his surprise photo bomb of her). Even in weird places like above the toilet or next to the spice rack in the kitchen, there will be a glossy framed photo of his baby girl.

    But this one day she was in a strangely good mood and he was really really trying to be a dad worth looking up to for her, so Maka turned to him and smiled for one of his usual embarrassing picture sessions. Though it wasn’t big or long lasting, it was genuine and filled him with a fluttering hope that things were amending. That in some way, he could bring happiness again to the one girl he could not ever cease loving.

    So he put that special picture on his bedside table so he could remember every time he woke up what exactly he was fighting for in this world.

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